4 Steps to Maintain Your Purse in its Original Condition

Congratulations ! You have finally purchased the bag you've been eyeing for the past year. Or the past minute. Anyway, here it is, in its best condition.

And in this condition it shall stay !


There is a good chance you will be wearing your beloved purse on the daily, and that's all right ! Your bag was thought through. From the design to the making process, your bag has been infused with passion and dedication and we want you to enjoy it as long as possible. So we asked the best in the business, aka our Enkay team straight from the south of France: How do we maintain our purses ?  Is the Nivea cream trick real ? Should I store it in a dark room and invest in a humidifier ?                                                 

Here and from now on, we put an end to speculations. Here are the answers to your questions.


What we strive for at Enkay other than creating great designs, is insuring their quality. The leather we use for our bags is corrected grain goatskin leather, considered one of the highest in terms of quality in the business of leather goods. Nothing less for our Enkay babes !  Much softer than cow skin, goat skin is known for its durability, flexibility and softness. The natural presence of lanolin (wool wax) in goat skin keeps the leather soft and supple for a longer period of time, which means excessive care won't be much needed. Also, the finishing of our leather is water resistant ! Fear no bad weather Enkay babe !


Yes, yes I hear you from there: but if Enkay uses tip top of the best of all leather qualities, what can I add to it ? For your purse to stay in the best of its shape you must care for it and it starts with the easiest of cleaning methods: gently buff your purse every now and then with a dry cloth to remove dust and occasional residue (croissant crumbs and other delights). When needed and for a more thorough cleanse, a tiny bit of warm water with Marseille soap on a soft cloth will do the trick.


We've all heard about the Nivea cream trick. Answer from our tannery in the South of France: Not needed ! Due to our leather quality and the presence of pigments in it, the moisture is sealed in. And no, do not invest in a humidifier unless you need it for your own use. Simply keep your beloved purse away from the cooking stove and heater, extreme dry areas and very humid places to prevent cracks, over-drying and not so cute things.


You know that cute little pouch your bag came in ? We know you throw in your bikinis and socks when you go on that getaway. But it has its function really. That cute little pouch, also called a dustbag, is breathable, and keeps the dust away from your purse when you're not wearing it. Another tip is to fill the bag with soft materials such as butter paper and bubbly fun wrapper (also comes with the bag once you purchase it) to maintain its shape. Stay away from newspaper to fill your bag, it could alter its shape ! A cool tip for saving space when packing your purse inside your luggage: fill it with socks and/or t-shirts !


Well ! Not so tricky after all. Remember, our bags were designed for you to wear them ! So go out, and have fun. Know that we are always here for you. Need something to get fixed on your bag or just want to say hello ? Do not hesitate to contact us right here !


xxx Nastasia, Enkay Founder


Camille is wearing 'On The Go' in Flame, available here !

* These tips can be applied to Enkay leather bags, for any other brands you should check with them directly.





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