Hey there #EnkayBabes !
Holiday season is just around the corner and the decision has been made to share three gift guides we have curated ourselves over the next three weeks. Whether these items were advised from friends, fellow Enkay babes or simply stumbled upon the internet, these items are crush worthy and definitely deserve a special spot under the Christmas tree ...
What do you think ? Any ideas for next week's Gift Guide ?
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  1. Cotton Sateen Pyjama Shirt - Bodas, 78€
  2. Cotton Sateen Pyjama Pants - Bodas, 65€
  3. Framed Art Print "Lily Pond Lane" by Beth Hoeckel - Society6, 58€ for medium size print (on sale)
  4. Pink Vichy Toiletry Bag - Prada, 190€
  5. Bamboo Sheet Mask - Erborian, 6€
  6. Cashmere Sweatshirt - Everlane, 128€
  7. Space Rocket Earrings - Yazbukey, 75€
  8. On The Go Kiwi - ENKAY, 340€ (40% off starting Friday 24th to Monday 27th Nov. with code CYBERBABE at checkout)
  9. Lip And Cheek Tint - Tata Harper, 30€
  10. Grunge Hiking Boots - INCH2, 290€


XX, Nastasia

ENKAY Founder / Head Designer

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