“When I launched ENKAY back in 2014, there was no doubt about the logo. It would be my handwriting and it would be adapted digitally for the website and stamping on all bags.
Although the unique "font" received much love, Enkay has been misspelled and mispronounced multiple times over the years !   
After some serious tweaking and manoeuvres around the initial handwritten logo (and still many mispronunciations) I finally decided it was time for an actual change.
Many hours (nights) on illustrator later and here was the result : a serif, classic yet sharp font with... A dictionary pronunciation below !
And a little anecdote about our brand name : Enkay is the phonetic of NK.
N for Nastasia (me) and K for Karen (my beloved sister and loyal Enkay Babe). ”

Nastasia Frydman - ENKAY founder





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